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21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Photography of HDR Landscapes at Sunsets by Various Photographers

Zhangjiajie Sunset 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Zhangjiajie Hunan China

HDR Photography By Anan Charoenkal

181 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Photography By Peter holme iii

birds 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Photography By António Leão

Colorful Dreams 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Stormy evening with the last rays of sun shining on this beautiful setting in the country side. Wildflowers seemed to glow in harmony with the colors of the sunset.

Photography By Nagesh Mahadev

Flux Eternal 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

The Salk institute in San Diego has some mind blowing architecture. The institute is housed in a complex designed by the firm of Louis Kahn. Michael Duff of the Kahn firm was the supervising architect and a major design influence on the structure that consists of two symmetric buildings with a stream of water flowing in the middle of a courtyard that separates the two.The institute is closed on weekends, but I didn’t know that icon wink 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos The security guard was kind enough to let me take a shot during sunset. In the end, this is the shot I got. I’ll probably go back here soon. The place has a very ethereal feel to it.

Photography By Sairam Sundaresan

Golden Rush Hour 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Sometimes I am super busy to handle my research and have no time to take photos.
Fortunately, I could see a very beautiful view of Anzac bridge from my apartment’s west window. And, I usually look at it when I want to relax. The bridge, in proximity to the central business district of Sydney, Australia, is very beautiful at dusk, especially when the sunset is gorgeous.
From my window, I attached Nikon 80-200, f/2.8 to D700 and took this shot at 200mm. I have some photos of Anzac bridge and one of them that I like most is being presented.
At evening golden hour, lots of cars were speedily across this bridge. I’d like to capture its movement; hence, I employed Lee Big Stopper (10 stops reduction) that allowed me setting the camera about 500 seconds of speed shutter @ f16.0. WB was set at Auto and picture style was Landscape (+9 sharpness; – 1 contrast; and +2 saturation).

Photography By AtomicZen

Grand Falls in Golden Light 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Arizona’s Grand Falls at sunset

HDR Photography By Scott Wood

Hanging 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Arizona’s Grand Falls at sunset

Photography By Regy Kurniawan

Island Lightning 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Lightning storm in Toronto Island.

Photography By Sam Javanrouh

Light Beams 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Some of the most AMAZING light beams I have ever witnessed! The Palouse HIlls, at Steptoe Butte State Park. Wa.

Photography By Javier Acosta

Poppies at Sunset 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Poppies filed in Bulgaria.

Photography By Albena Markova

Prisoners of the Dusk 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

The fortress of Methoni in Greece, shot from a loophole of the Castle on a windy afternoon which gave its place to an intensely colorful sunset. When we finished shooting we returned to the main gate only to find out that we had been securely locked inside (hence the title). It took us a considerable amount of time and phone calls to escape but at least we were left with a story to tell!

Photography By Mary Kay

Red Canyon 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Fiery sunset over Toroweep taken on one of the tours I lead in the area every November. Two exposures – landscape and sky blended manually.

Photography By Marc Adamus

River of Light 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Sunset over the Grand Canyon, as seen from the North Rim.
A manual blend of three exposures: one for the sky, one for the sun, and one for the landscape with my finger in front of the sun to block the flare (which the 17-55 is terrible at preventing).

Photography ByAlex Noriega

St. Paul’s Anglican Church 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

I was lucky enough to catch this gorgeous sunset at this little church near Poplar Point, Manitoba this past summer – right at the peak of ‘dandelion season’.

Photo graphy By B Korponay

Sunset in the Underworld 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Not much of a back story to this shot. Water comes shooting straight up this hole and then combines with waves breaking around to your right to suck back down into the ocean. I stood on the lip of this thing wearing my life vest looking like a fat version of Bill Murray in “What About Bob” when he becomes a sailor. My friend and mentor Ryan Dyar showed me some fresh techniques so I’ve done a reprocess of this image

Photography By Miles Morgan

Sunset over Golden Horn 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Istnabul, Turkey

Photography By Albena Markova

The Stories 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Erka and Maya

Photography By Irene Mei

The Twelve Apostles Victoria 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

My first time visiting this famous spot. Well worth the flight and drive. The drive down Great Ocean Road was incredible, great scenery and incredible bright blue sky. Of course, the minute I got here the storm clouds rolled in and so did the rain and strong winds! 
Luckily it was brief and the colours came back across the sky.

Photography By Noval Nugraha

The Zen Den 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

The first time I saw this place was entirely accidental. Taking a coastal workshop while new to photography, we were happily shooting the famous Kiwanda Keyhole (which has now sadly collapsed). Kevin McNeal, who was doing the teaching, suggested I move to another location for sunset.
“Just go up over this dune, and drop down the other side, and you can shoot across these cool cliffs. I’m going to need to stay down here with the rest of the workshop participants.”.
“I’m ON IT!” I yell.
Up and over. And down. WAY down. I kept saying “WTF?” to myself. I didn’t see any damned cliffs, and I certainly didn’t see any sunset. In fact, it was getting dark. I finally reached the bottom, where the sea was rushing in, and walked around the corner to find this cave. It was angry and made it VERY clear that I wasn’t supposed to be there. So I hoofed it back up the dunes, cursing my chocolate chip cookie addiction for slowing me down so much, and went over the other side.
FINALLY found the cliffs, which I proceeded to shoot in entirely the wrong direction. Exhausted, I struggled mightily up the dunes, burping up cookies with every step.
Finally Steve Turner came to rescue me. Exhausted, I proclaimed that he had saved my life. He pointed to the town below and said “Why didn’t you just go down there and call us?”
I’ve returned here over the years, curious since my first encounter, and finally got something that I didn’t immediately delete from my hard drive.

Photography By Miles Morgan

Wild Goose Island Glacier National Park 21 Most Amazing HDR Sunset Photos

Sunset over St. Mary Lake and Wild Goose Island, August 2011. I started to shoot an HDR, and have about 100 bracketed shots from 5-6 locations but in the end i decided on this one. My grad ND’s gives a slight purple color cast and it actually worked out great in this shot for the sky.
I live in Montana and even though this is a 6 hour drive from home, I was able to pre-plan this shot a little. I was there for a week so I had a good idea about the time, and that the weather had been a bit stormy all week. The location is well known and its 20ft from the road, Get there, setup, and just wait. There are a lot of things I wish I would have done differently, but I was in a hurry to get the image in the bag. Next time I’ll try to get this on a big ole piece of 4×5 Velvia.

Photography ByJason Persun

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