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Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E

Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E

d800 vs d800e Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E


45124 1328575874 600x680 Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E

45124 13285881371 600x469 Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E

45124 1328575708 600x562 Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E



The D800 and D800 E are two one of a kind cameras known majorly for their high pixel-count as a result of the 36.3 MP CMOS censor incorporated in their mechanism. These cameras are actually the successors of the 3-4 years old D 700 and have improved not just the pixel-count but many other features that add to their market value. Noteworthy, among its improved features, is its video capturing abilities that instantly raise its standard and makes it very desirable for professionals.

Design and Operation

The D800/ D800 E are small, lightweight, compact and much less expensive than its specification and performance equivalent. You will see that its ISO span ranges from 100-6400 natively equivalent to 50-25,600 expandable. Both D800 and D800 E are much appreciated by landscape and studio photographers but in fact, worth everyone’s appreciation. The D 800 offers a rather slower maximum frame rate when compared to D4 but otherwise both share many similar characteristics, except the ISO censor of course. The D4 is designed for specific interest, i.e. shooting in versatile weather and light conditions quickly but D 800 and D 800 E are designed for a broader spectrum of users. The D 800 is almost half the price of D4 and if you are a resolution freak and shoot at low ISO sensitivity (that makes you what, an event or studio photographer), then you won’t bother about frame rates at an ISO as high as maybe 204,000.


d800 d800e specs Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E

Test Images

45124 1328606323 600x322 Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E


45124 1328606316 600x322 Smart Review of Nikon D800/ D800E



The price factor and other specs make it a potentially attractive camera for low budget video shoots. I won’t say it can’t be counted it as a broadcast quality camera. It has amazing sharpness and detail capturing abilities and at such a low price, I’d say it is a remarkably amazing piece of technology.


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